Dear Prospective CityMaker Sponsor,

In March of 2017, the monthly CityMaker award was introduced to the City Commission by former Mayor Howard Wiggs and his wife, Linda Bagley Wiggs. The idea, as the details of the CityMaker Criteria suggest, is to celebrate the unsung heroes of our community.

“These CityMakers play their individual roles as entrepreneurs, activists, performers, students, artists, organizers — and otherwise engaged citizens — who make creating a positive emotional connection with our community their personal mission. CityMakers make things interesting, memorable, and unique.”

In 2018, the CityMaker award has become a hallmark of leadership in our community. The individuals recognized with this award are servant-hearted people who consistently change lives, all without any hopes for fame or notoriety. This is a brilliant celebration that’s absolutely thrilling for everyone involved. You can see right on the recipients’ embarrassed faces how much this means to them!

As a sponsor, please understand that the beauty of this program lies in the fact that it is not advertising; rather, it’s recognition – highlighting lives well lived!

With your support, we hope to continue recognizing our community’s unsung heroes that work tirelessly to give their love and passion to our city in thousands of unique ways!

As a sponsor, your company will be given the following opportunities:

  1. Four Sponsored Facebook posts – We’ll tag your page and include your branding in 4 weekly Facebook posts distributed from the Love Lakeland Facebook page (currently at 1,500 likes).
  2. Permanent Placement as a sponsor on
  3. Mention on the CityMaker Blog Post, including a hyperlink to your company website or preferred social media.
  4. Post from the City of Lakeland FB page  (54,000 likes) on the day of the presentation.
  5. Opportunity to Present the Award at City Commission meeting (3rd Monday of the month at 3:00om), with a commercial for your company.
  6. $200 of Facebook Advertising and Promotion from local digital marketing firm Maximize Digital Media

Thank you for making this city so great!

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